writing lessons
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writing lessons

private instruction & coaching:

  • poems, stories, plays, hypertext; speeches, presentations, proposals, reports.
  • award-winning author, experienced teacher & editor.


  • to help you write with clarity, power, & grace.
  • to help you finish things.

To write means to make; words are your tools and ideas your materials. Like a good carpenter, you need to be systematic, and careful, and patient in your approach, but you've also got to know when to just whack something to make it fit.

Mostly, you've got to learn to trust your voice, and you can only do this by writing your own stuff: by saying what you think, what you feel, what you see, regardless of what anybody else — even people you admire — might make you feel you ought to say.

I can help you do this.

Bill Bly


Writing well is the best revenge.

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