At Bill & John's latest appearance was at the 6th Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association, they premiered 3 new tunes: John's Alger, an ominous ballad about history repeating itself, along with Bill Neely's The Cautionary Tale and Media Ecology, the latter a nominee for the Anthem of the MEA.

Still available: the CD that won Bill & John the John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis in the Field of Media Ecology at the 2002 MEA Convention. (New recording in the works!)

Send e-mail to info{at}infomonger{dot}com for particulars on how to get your hands on the non-virtual instantiation of this priceless artifact of media ecology.

Alternatively, if you've got the download time and an MP3 device, you can get the tunes here:

Think Tank (2 MB)
©1996 WD Neely, EA Emmert, DG Bly, BBly

Hands of Captain Ludd (4.3 MB)
©1999 John McDaid

Flash in the Pan (6.4 MB)
©1999 John McDaid

New Beatitudes (3.1 MB)
©1998 WD Neely

Television Show (4.6 MB)
©1999 John McDaid

Skeptic's Lullaby (3.4 MB)
©1998 WD Neely

Mother Atlantis (7.4 MB)
©1997 John McDaid

Billions (3.7 MB)
©1980 WD Neely

Wasted in America (3.7 MB)
©1999 John McDaid

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All songs were recorded at Mark Dann Recording (59 Franklin St. #4C4, NYC 10013, 212/941-7771,, except for Think Tank (performed by Left Field, recorded live at St Peter's Church NYC) and Hands of Capt. Ludd (recorded in Bill Neely's basement).

As you read these words (and, haply, listen to these tunes),Volume II of Media Ecology Unplugged is being conceived. Given sufficient expression of interest, draft MP3s will be posted to this site as they get to be... well, capable of being listened to without groans of embarrassment from the authors.

We'd be very grateful for comments, reviews, rants, raves, suggestions for the next volume -- just e-mail bbly{at}infomonger{dot}com. Thanks!

|lyrics, specs, notes|

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